Aspects of gypsum dihydrate crystallization in the artificial aging of gypsum binder

The present paper investigates aspects of the crystallization of gypsum dihydrate during the artificial “aging” of calcined gypsum binder. On the basis of these data, it then describes the technological parameters of artificial “aging” of gypsum binder. The building and technical properties of artificially “aged” gypsum binder were significantly higher than those of non-“aged” binder.

1 Introduction

The search for effective technological operations to stabilize technical characteristics used in producing gypsum binders has received a great deal of attention in recent years owing to the instability of calcined gypsum properties [1]. Gypsum hemihydrate is a material used in the building industry and produced by means of calcinating gypsum. Calcined gypsum has a wide range of possible uses in many areas of the building industry and has also been investigated to improve its building and technical properties. However, it has been found that the investigation of the microstructure...

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