Co-processing trial run with pre-processed Municipal Solid Waste fractions

With increasing urbanization Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation in Indian cities is ever increasing and its management is one of the greatest challenges for urban managers. Co-processing of dry reject fractions of MSW in cement kilns can address the need for environmentally sustainable management of solid waste as well as help to reduce the cement industry’s growing dependence on fossil fuel. The high temperatures and adequately long residence time in cement kilns also makes co-processing of pre-processed municipal solid waste, a viable option.

1 Introduction

Waste derived fuels have been co-processed in ­cement kilns for a long time and this practice is prevalent in developed countries. Many developing countries are also taking initiatives for co-processing of pre-processed non-recyclable and non-degradeable waste. There are few attempts in India regarding valorization of waste derived fuels in cement plants, by different cities but the system is still to be fully established. The reasons for this slow development is the lack of clear regulation on co-processing of waste derived fuels, absence of appropriate waste pretreating...,l-en.html