Flowability and microstructure of fresh ­cement pastes in the presence of superplasticizer, latex and asphalt emulsion

This study investigated the effects of polycarboxylate superplasticizer, poly(styrene-acrylate) latex and asphalt emulsion, which range in molecular/particle size from nanometres to microns, on the microstructure and flowability of fresh cement pastes (FCPs).

1 Introduction

High performance concrete (HPC) is widely used in the construction industry at present due to its excellent properties [1]. The improved properties of HPC are closely related to the various additives that are incorporated in the concretes and mortars to achieve the desired properties. Superplasticizers are usually used to reduce the water/cement ratio (W/C) with the aim of enhancing the strength and durability of the concrete in order to satisfy the construction requirements [2–6]. Polymer latexes are often employed as cement mortar and concrete modifiers to improve the...

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