WO 2018/178830 A1

Hydraulic cement formulation

(22) 23.03.2018

(43) 04.10.2018

(57) The invention relates to a hydraulic cement formulation that allows the content of clinker to be substantially reduced, the hydraulic cement formula comprising clinker, supplementary cementing materials (SCMs), gypsum and activator. The SCMs include slag, basalt, pozzolan, limestone and fly ash. The activator is a solid chemical salt. Thus, a formulation is obtained which has less chloride ion penetration, less water permeability, less alkali-silica reactivity, less sulphate expansion and a granulometry to equal that of a traditional Portland cement. One of the properties of said formulation is that 89 % must have a particle size less than 45 μm, that is, that at least 11 % of the formulation must be retained in a 325 mesh sieve.

(71) Cementos Argos S.A., Calle 7D # 43A-99 Piso 10, Torre Almagran, Medellin, Antioquia (CO)

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