Industrial Security supporting ­digitalization in the cement industry

The global cement industry today is facing drastic challenges and changes. Not only does the environmental impact challenge the industry, also international competition and technology trends form the cement industry as well. Up-to-date electrical technology like intelligent motor and drive systems, smart sensor technology and overall digitalization could help to reduce the emission and increase the efficiency. With any data driven environment, the inherent concern for cyber IT security plays a crucial part in day to day operations in the cement industry.

The toughest climate challenges involve large ­global industries, with no efficient substitutes. One of these produces the material literally under our feet – concrete. The key ingredient in concrete is Portland cement. The total Portland cement volume – making up about 20 % of the concrete by weight (the other main ingredients are sand, aggregate and water) – has more than tripled in the last 20 years (a growth rate of close to 6 % per year), most of the growth being in China.

The global cement industry today is facing drastic challenges and changes. Not only does the environmental impact...

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