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Latest trends in cement and clinker trade

The cement and clinker trade is under pressure. In this market review global trading patterns are given, main market players are profiled, the Chinese influence is described, examples for sustainable investments and how to become a regional market leader are given and the power of independents is also briefly outlined.

1 Introduction

At the moment, cement and clinker are being traded so cheap that often it does not make much sense to install new local clinker capacity along many coastal areas of the world. Often, it is possible there to source cement for less than 55 US$/t, including freight costs. Clinker can even be sourced for 10 US$/t less than that, or still lower. The situation has resulted in an asset-light approach by a number of cement producers. Instead of new integrated cement plants, grinding facilities are installed which use imported clinker. On the other hand, the large clinker capacity...

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