New clinker cooler modification order

Korean Ssangyong Cement has awarded a contract to Claudius Peters Projects for the supply of a grate cooler modification. In challenging site conditions the existing cooler at the plant Donghae will be upgraded by a fifth generation clinker cooler system, the ETA cooler. It consists of a fixed inlet, the High Efficiency module (HEM) and a moving floor ETA technology. It is designed for a stable production at 7600 t/d. A case study among several competitors finally showed the lowest wear, lowest operational cost and highest efficiency for the ETA cooler technology established by Claudius Peters in 2004.

Furthermore Claudius Peters special installation technique allows short kiln down time during conversion in 2017.

Ssangyong Cement was established in 1962 and operates the one of the world’s largest cement plant in Donghae with appr. 400 employees and with a ­capacity of 11.5 million t/a clinker.