New mobile version of A TEC’s Rocket Mill

The semi-mobile version named A TEC Rocket Mill 2.00 single is a compact version installed in a container. The mill consists of one grinding chamber of approx. 2 m in diameter and 315 kW installed power at the main drive. This will give roughly half the capacity of the double chamber Rocket Mill 2.50. The throughput when producing RDF for the main burner (90 % < 50 mm) is about 10-12 t/h. Due to the compact equipment, the required installation space is very small. This new development also gives clients  the possibility to test their own product on-site. Depending on the existing situation only a small amount of connecting work to the existing equipment is necessary.

A TEC alternative fuel preparation technology offers the following primary benefits compared to conventional technologies:

Size reduction from 250 mm to 15 mm in one grinding step

Saving of one shredding step

Easy to operate

Easy maintenance

No knifes

Different output fuel particle sizes for main burner and calciner possible

Drying effect during operation

Significant reduction of fuel costs

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Requires only two fuel preparation steps

Separated FE and non-FE materials can be fed back to the recycling process

Reduction of coal consumption


The prototype of the A TEC Rocket Mill RM 2.00 single was launched in September 2017.