The cement industry in Turkey

The cement industry in Turkey is very competitive. Large new capacity has been installed, driven by a robust domestic cement demand growth and large exports. The question is how will the demand growth continue and when will a peak be reached in the per capita cement consumption?

1 Turkey’s latest development

2023 will be the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. By then, Turkey could already be a member of the European Union, but today the country seems to be even further away from the EU than in 1999, when the country became a membership candidate. How-ever, Turkey needs Europe and Europe needs Turkey, not only for economic reasons. In 2016, Turkey had a population of 79.0 million (73 % urbanization) and a gross domestic product (GDP) of US$ 857 billion or a GDP per capita of US$ 10 807, making it an upper-middle income country. Compared...

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