The influence of a complex ­modifying agent on the hydration and structure ­formation of self-compacting concrete

The article reviews the results of research into the influence of a complex modifying agent on the rheological properties of cement paste and the strength of hardened cement paste. The article describes the hydration and structure formation of hardened cement paste, and special aspects of the phase constitution of the hydration products of Portland cement when modified by a complex admixture.

1 Introduction

The problems of producing durable high-performance concrete are still topical. This type of concrete is normally used in the foundations of buildings. The top priority for the structure of the hardened cement paste is that it has a high density and low capillary porosity, and consists predominantly of low-basicity hydrated phases [4, 7, 14]. One of the simplest and most effective methods of improving the properties of the cement composition is the introduction of complex admixtures that contain effective superplasticizing admixtures, hydrophobic waterproofing agents and active...

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