Two new A TEC calciners for Aalborg Portland Cement

Aalborg Portland Cementir Holding has awarded A TEC the contract for upgrading Cement Kiln 87 in Aalborg/Denmark. It is a 4500 t/d semi-dry kiln system which was commissioned in 1988. Two new calciners were designed and delivered by A TEC during the annual kiln stop in February/March 2017. The project aims to increase the production of grey clinker. A TEC is going to adapt the flow pattern of the calciner system in a way to improve the operation behavior of the system significantly. The design will be configured for the usage of 100 % SAF with the lowest possible emissions. Additionally the number of kiln stops due fall through cyclone blockages will be reduced. A TEC carries out the basis- and detail engineering, supplies the equipment and is responsible for the erection and documentation.

The new calciner system will be equipped with the A TEC Post Combustion Chamber (PCC) for the optimized mixture of fuels and combustion air in the end section of the calciner. The PCC was specially developed for the achievement of complete combustion of alternative fuels at high substitution rates.