WAM introduces new filter media Silotop Zero

In almost twenty years from its introduction, Silotop has become a global benchmark for silo venting and de-dusting applications. WAMGroup is proud to announce the upcoming launch of a new generation of filters, the Silotop Zero.

Silotop Zero is not just an evolution of its highly appreciated predecessor. With its new Absolute filter media, S­ilotop Zero makes silo venting in concrete and other processing plants using cement even more eco-friendly, reducing dust emission to less than 1 mg/Nm³.

Thanks to the new Absolute filter technology, Silotop Zero provides top performance features on a much smaller filter surface area than Silotop R03 (14 m² versus 24.5 m²).

Silotop Zero offers user benefits that conventional silo venting filters do not even come close to. The collector is equipped with four absolute EPA-class Polypleat filter elements made by WAM. The Silotop Zero is able to handle peak flow rates of 1600 Nm3/h at low can velocity. The special design of the highly efficient air jet cleaning system, which is integrated into the hinged weather protection cover, ensures low air consumption of only 1.8 Nm3/h. Its total weight of only 72 kg facilitates installation, while its body rim height of one metre only makes filter element replacement particularly comfortable.

Silotop Zero, which is interchangeable as a whole with its predecessor, Silotop R03, is an industrially manufactured dust collector with a stainless steel housing. All components are manufactured in-house on state-of-the-art production machines. Mass-produced in advanced automated processes, the ­Silotop Zero offers customers not only top quality but also an exceptional price-performance ratio.