Alternative Fuel Award and Competition – call for candidates

The award is endorsed by MVW Lechtenberg & Partner. The award is presented to cities, companies and individuals promoting the idea of sustainable alternative fuel production and use.
The Alternative Fuel Award is now established to encourage the acceptance of social and ecological responsibility and to identify role models in this area. The awards ceremony will take place on the next Alternative Fuel Symposium of MVW Lechtenberg & Partner in September 2018 in Duisburg/Germany.
The laureates will be invited for the awards ceremony. The award winning project will get a 5000 € Award incl. all travel costs and participation fee for the symposium. The second and third Laureates will get the “Alternative Fuels and Raw Material Handbook for the cement & Lime Industry”, a comprehensive standard compendium for the industry.The nominated three awards will have the opportunity to present their project on the Alternative Fuel Symposium. Alternative Fuel Award and Competition
MVW Lechtenberg & Partner

Alternative Fuel Award and Competition
MVW Lechtenberg & Partner
MVW Lechtenberg & Partner call RDF producers, cement producers which are using alternative fuels and municipalities which are producing alternative fuels to participate in the alternative fuel award competition by describing their projects and experience while producing or using such alternative fuels.

Deadline for receiving the project descriptions is the 15.03.2018. The prizewinning study is selected by a board of expert reviewers and the judges' decision is final. Please send your project description and candidature to: