Starlinger at Chinaplas 2018

At Chinaplas 2018, Starlinger will offer its visitors two unique opportunities for getting to know the company’s AD*STAR technology for block bottom valve sacks made from polypropylene woven fabric. On the one hand, they will be encouraged to use an augmented reality application software that allows a detailed familiarization with the equipment. Starlinger Open House in Taicang
(Photo: Starlinger)

Starlinger Open House in Taicang
(Photo: Starlinger)
On the other hand, potential clients are invited to visit Starlinger’s Open House, which is being held in Taicang during the entire trade show. “We look forward to presenting our machinery to a wide audience,” says Klaus Mayerhofer, Regional Sales Director at Starlinger. “Having our own factory in China is definitely an advantage in providing support to our customers.”
Live machinery demonstrations
AD*STAR sacks are the preferred solution for packaging dry bulk goods such as cement or fertilizer due to their extreme resistance, versatility, and eco-friendliness. The latter is largely due to the sacks’ precise manufacturing and sturdy nature: They are exceptionally tight and prevent product loss during handling, transport, and storage. The fabric for AD*STAR sacks is woven on high-speed circular looms – the model RX 6.0 will be on display at Chinaplas.In Starlinger’s showroom in Taicang, visitors will experience live demonstrations of two other lines which are used in sack production: the coating line lamiTEC LX and the conversion line ad*starKON. Visitors will get a first-hand impression of the patented AD*STAR hot-air sealing process, which works without the use of glue. To demonstrate the efficiency of Starlinger’s microperforation unit microSTAR+, a test of air permeability will be conducted. On Starlinger lines, a wide range of products can be produced, from AD*STAR *carry bags that come with handles to REICO*STAR sacks made of lightweight, spunbonded nonwoven.
Learn about Starlinger’s PET technology
PET has it all: food-safety, visual appeal, resistance, shape stability, and recyclability. Starlinger recognized the immense potential of PET and built machinery for the production of tape fabric that can be fed with virgin PET, recycled pellets, and even PET bottle flakes. Having left its development phase behind, this technology is now capturing the market. It is used in the production of FIBCs as well as in the packaging of food and consumer goods. Just recently, Starlinger’s pinch bottom bag rPET PP*STAR received a WorldStar Award 2018. This bag is made of recycled material and is fully recyclable. For the recycling of PET, Starlinger offers PET recycling lines for excellent resin quality with optional decontamination and IV increase. A recent innovation is the Rapid Sleeve Changer − a melt filter developed specifically for contaminated PET recycling streams. Its main selling points are finest filtration down to 15 μm as well as high machine uptime.

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