7th Open Meeting – Nanocem Consortium

At the 7th Open Meeting new insights into the Nanocem research will be presented in Leimen/Germany on 25.04.2017: the research roadmap of Nanocem as well as the key achievements of the network, the outcomes of the finished projects and of the training networks. A comprehensive poster session will highlight selected
Nanocem research projects.

Nanocem is a consortium of academic and industrial partners with a common interest in fundamental research into the nano and microscale of the phenomena that govern the performance of cements and concrete.

Nanocem was founded in 2004, and, is now a network of 23 academic and nine industry partners. This unique cooperation between the industry and the academic community has led to identify common issues and has helped map the research needs for sustainable cement and concrete.

There are some 120 academic researchers in the team who, between them, are in the process of managing some 60 PhD and PostDoctoral research projects in related areas. The Nanocem consortium is now recognized as the world reference for quality research in cementitious materials.

Since 2004, between the sixteen Core Projects, the EU funded projects Nanocem and Transcend, more than fifty Fellows have been trained in cement and concrete science; many of them continue working in the industry.