ZKG App kostenlos laden

For everyone prefering a digital version of our renowned trade magazine, we have developed the new ZKG International App. The digital issues within the app are enhanced versions of the print issues with extra features like pictures, videos and many things more.

If you use a smartphone or tablet computer, you can easily download our app in the app store of your choice. For the use on your desktop computer, simply follow the link on

The download of the app itself is free of charge. It is basically a kiosk where you find all digital issues. We offer free trial issues, which are specially marked as free. All other issues start with 6-12 free preview pages.

Scan to install the ZGK International app on your mobile device or click the button of your prefered app store.

ZKG App für IOS im Appstore kostenlos laden
ZKG App für Android im Google PlayStore kostenlos laden

For subscribers of a valid print subscription of ZKG International we have a special offer:
For the small additional amount of only 10,00 Euro per year, you will have access to all digital issues within our app during the subscription of your digital upgrade. Please click here for more information.

Getting started

For the use of smartphone or tablet computer, simply search for “ZKG International” in the app store of your choice or scan the QR-Code.

For the desktop computer, please register on

Any questions left? Find our FAQ