Small steps – big impact

Dear Readers, Large, fundamental new developments are rather rare in a classic industry such as the manufacture of building materials. But don’t many smaller steps also make a noticeable difference? Our cover story (starting on p. 22) looks at the cost and energy savings potential of retrofitting a state-of-the-art dry grinding separator system in a cement plant. After some time to optimize and gain experience with the new plant, all guarantee values have been met. The throughput could be significantly increased and energy consumption reduced.

Another very interesting article (p. 54) deals with the effect of occupational safety on the production process and also its efficiency. R. Todd Swinderman – author of the article – writes: “In the modern age, safety is a key factor in worker protection, reduced insurance rates and a lower total cost of operation.” This is often countered by low bid processes. Be curious for an interesting look at this issue.

AI is on everyone’s lips, but what exactly is AI and what can it do? We also touch on this topic in this issue – even with two articles. Starting on p. 48, the article “Better decisions in cement strength prediction with artificial intelligence” deals with the application of artificial intelligence in cement production. Edge computing is rapidly becoming a leading digital technology – also for the optimization of cement production. And our columnist Matthias Mersmann also discusses what is really behind the term AI (p. 65).

Stay healthy and stay curious – have fun reading

Dr Petra Strunk
ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum


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