Technical evaluation for
CEM II/C-M in Italy

Buzzi Unicem has obtained technical evaluation certification for its CEM II/C-M Portland composite cements produced in the Trino, Vernasca, Settimello, Guidonia, Barletta and Augusta plants.

These are the new cements from the CGreen Line, which will allow the company to improve the “green footprint” of its product line and achieve the objectives set forth in the 2030 Roadmap.

CEM II/C-M cements will also significantly help reduce CO2 emissions in concrete structures (up to 40% less CO2 per ton than CEM I cements), yet maintaining the equivalent technical performance as products with a higher clinker content.

In the CEM II/C-M cements various components, including several with hydraulic activity, replace part of the clinker (between 50% and 64% by mass): granulated blast furnace slag (“S”), fly ash (“V”), pozzolan (“P”) and limestone (“LL”) are all main constituents of the recipe.

CEM II/C-M cements can be produced in 32.5 N/R and 42.5 N/R strength classes for building interior and exterior structures in concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete in the most severe exposure classes with a compressive strength class of up to C40/50.

Buzzi Unicem believes that the CEM II/C-M cements will very quickly establish themselves as important offerings on the market, even becoming the “standard cement” in Italy by 2030.

The building sector – and Buzzi Unicem, in particular – will take on the challenge of ecological transition by being able to: reduce specific CO2 emissions, focus the attention on the availability of resources; improve the efficiency of clinker and produce technologically advanced cements.


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