12 Watt portable telescoping light pole

The telescoping LED light pole from Larson Electronics, Kemp TX (USA) contains one LED light head that produces 720 lumens of light while using only 12 W of power. This temporary fixed mount aluminum pole extends from 1 m to almost 2.5 m and produces a beam capable of ­illuminating an area that is over 14 m long and 11 m wide. The LED light head on this telescoping pole has an IP68 rated construction that is designed to withstand demanding environ­mental and operating conditions. This unit is equipped with a 7.6 m straight cord and an in-line transformer that allows operation with standard 120 to 277 volts AC current. This unit also includes a 5 m coil coed cigarette plug cable so operators can also use a 12 to 24 volt DC power system, making this system universal for many applications.

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