Winning through service excellence

Summary: Mechanical stoppages rank among the inconvenient and unplanned failures that occur during the production of building materials. On the principle of “small cause, great effect” the failure of what may be a minor component often results in long stoppage times, leading to loss of production and bottlenecks. These failures can be prevented by a suitable service scheme. The basis for this is a worldwide service network through which the service staff can be deployed rapidly to virtually any point around the world. Production processes can also be optimized by timely and carefully planned modernization work without the need to purchase new plants. Various failure scenarios and the associated service strategies are presented in the form of case studies.

1 Avoiding mechanical stoppages

Every maintenance engineer knows the situation well – everything is ready for the long overdue holiday, just a call from the mixer foreman and then that’s the lot. Or perhaps not? Mechanical breakdown! Bound to be easy to fix. However, visual inspection brings the extent of the damage to light. There is a broken shaft! No chance of an instant remedy. Every hour counts.


If a 50000 t/a mixing plant is brought to a stop caused by a broken mixing shaft then the fault has to be rectified quickly even if the plant is at some remote spot a thousand kilometres from the...

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