Emballissimo Award for Mondi Airstream® Bag

Mondi’s revolutionary Airstream® Bag (Fig.) received this year’s Emballissimo Award for its outstanding and unique combination of fast filling speed thanks to efficient de-aeration, highly effective product protection against humidity and ideal bag ­dimensions for cost-efficient palletising. The Emballissimo ­distinguishes innovative packaging solutions and is awarded each year by the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry. Outstanding functionality and cutting-edge design are the crucial elements to be nominated.

Mondi Bag Converting and Baumit Wopfinger joined in together submitting the customised Airstream® Bag to the Emballissimo. The Airstream® Bag was especially adapted for Baumit which uses air packers in its filling process. The main challenge was to adapt the Airstream® Bag to this procedure, which uses more air than other filling methods therefore making efficient de-aeration a crucial success factor. At present, the Airstream® is being tested in a pilot project at the Baumit facility in Austria and is expected to come into operation soon at other production sites throughout Europe.

The Airstream® valve bags are tailored for fine powder filling requirements and high-end filling lines. A unique de-aeration system significantly improves the air-permeability without ­affecting the moisture protection function. The air used for ­filling the powdery product is channeled and forms a stream of air which is directed and effectively guided to a high-capacity outlet in the form of a specially designed interrupted longitudinal seam. The air escapes quickly and the filling process is accelerated. As the barrier foil in this construction fully overlaps and no perforation is needed, the bag stays completely intact and moisture is effectively kept out. The achievable increase in ­­
de-aeration volume also supports a reduction in bag dimensions towards an optimised size for compact shape and cleaner bags.



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