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For decades now, customers have trusted in the competence and innovative force of PFAFF for filter production. The new PFAFF Industriesysteme und Maschinen AG can now plan and implement entire production lines for manufacturing filter bags. And progress is unrelenting at joining stations too. In this respect for example, PFAFF is offering new special machines for producing star filters (Fig. 1) and an automated, ultrasound sealer which can take up to eight sealing heads either arranged next to each other or behind each other. The latter machine is used for producing filter plates and bags. PFAFF solutions “Made in Germany” for filter production are suitable for sewing with and without sealing the seam with tape, joining cellulose without other resources, direct sealing by heated wedge, heated air or ultrasound, feeding the joining machine, subsequent processing after joining (cutting) as well as labelling.

New materials are used in filtration demanding production techniques which have very little or no disruptive effect on the surface. The new PFAFF 8310 CS dual /8312 CS series of machines (Figs. 2 and 3) make continuous sealing and edge sealing possible in one work step.

The tried and tested single-wheel solution PFAFF 8312 CS was optimized by the use of a steel sonotrode. This will reduce wear and associated costs greatly. The fine C&S-seam with its high strength is the main argument in favour of the purchase of this class of machine. The main advantages are two manufacturing processes in one flow (Cut & Seal), minimum seam width (micro seam) at high firmness, high wearing comfort of welded materials and flat, non-applied seams after taping with PFAFF 8303 or PFAFF 8330.

The newly-developed double-wheel solution PFAFF 8310 CS dual is a unique additional feature of the 8312 CS. Different requirements from the automotive and clothing industries, as well as in filter production provided the impulse for this. The exact distance between the cut edge and the welded seam provide maximum process control. The 8310 CS dual ensures optimum edge-sealing with simultaneous welding. The main features are all the advantages of the PFAFF 8312 CS, a world premiere: a welding machine with a real edge-cut seal and simultaneous seal, differently shaped anvil-wheels that provide optimal seam-quality, the fact that the pressure of both wheels is adjusted separately and that the distance of the edge to the weld-seam is always equal to 100  %.

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