Raw meal and secondary fuel metering in the cement industry

Summary: In 2007, the worldwide production output of cement rose to approx. 2.7 billion t and will continue to grow. Thus, the market often demands high output rates in combination with reliable operation and high plant availability. High output rates in ­
cement production plants mean that the conveying devices, e.  g. rotary airlocks also have to achieve high throughput rates while ­meeting the high availability requirements through the use of suitable wear protection and servicing concepts. JAUDT achieves the demanded high throughput rates with its new rotary airlock series of the type XXL. This begins with a nominal width of 700 x 700 mm, overall height 1000 mm and a conveying capacity of 230 t/h/(bulk density of raw meal = 0.7 kg/l) and ends with the nominal width 1300 x 1300 mm, overall height 1800 mm and a conveying capacity of 980 t/h. They can also be used  for metering secondary fuels.

1 The use of rotary vane feeders in the cement industry

In the cement industry, rotary vane feeders are employed as continuous discharge devices or metering devices operating as a rotary vane feeder under slight negative pressure or overpressure. Rotary vane feeders are suitable for the metered discharging of a wide range of free-flowing bulk materials at very high volumetric rates from conveyors or from stored quantities in bins, hoppers or silos and suffer only a small amount of wear. The advantage of rotary vane feeders lies in their relatively small construction size and high conveying...

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