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Chalk Workshop, Sagard/Germany (09.–10.09.2009)

Nearly 40 experts accepted the invitation from Norbert ­Peschen (Fig. 1), General Manager of the Vereinigte Kreidewerke ­Dammann KG, to attend the Chalk Workshop in ­Sagard on the island of Rügen on 9-10.09.2009. The Vereinigte ­Kreidewerke Dammann KG produces fine chalk, coarse chalk and lime fertilizer at its three plants in Söhlde, Lägerdorf and Klementelvitz (Rügen).


The introduction by Norbert Peschen was followed by Botho-Ekkehardt Hendel, Works Manager of the plant on Rügen, who described the extraction and production of chalk products. He pointed out that, because of its extremely...

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