Filtration plants: In search of the right concept

Summary: The transition from modernisation of an existing dust removal installation to a new installation is fluent. A modernisation can be so extensive that, apart from essential basic components – such as the filter housing – all components are new and the operator of the cement plant essentially has of a completely new installation. The fact that the costs of modernising a plant are usually much lower than those for investing in a new one indicates that there are greater opportunities for modernisation in the current climate of austerity programs.

1 Introduction

When it comes to determining the most suitable modernisation concept for dust removal processes in the cement manufacturing industry, it is necessary to take into account all the boundary conditions and choose the type which will best fulfil all the different aims. Each concept is primarily developed based on a thorough evaluation of the situation. In this process, the cooperation between plant operator, plant engineer and filter specialist is essential. Which of the dust removal supplier‘s solutions best fulfil the aims of the plant operator is determined together.



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