Modern grinding aids and their influence
on the hydraulic properties of GBFS

Summary: In this paper the influence of different surface properties on the mode of action of modern grinding aids based on polycarboxylatether (PCE) is investigated during the separate grinding of granulated blastfurnace slag (GBFS). The effects on a laboratory grinding process as well as the effects on the hydraulic reactivity of the material being ground are described. The results show that the grinding aids, on the one hand, have an energy saving potential when grinding granulated blastfurnace slag and, on the other hand, also have a clear influence on the methods of measurement for the determination of the fineness of grinding.

1 Introduction

The use of granulated blastfurnace slag (GBFS) as a major component of cement has become established in cement making in the last decades and has proved a success as an effective method to reduce the emission of CO2. Despite a clear drop in the available amounts in 2009, the importance of GBFS for an economic cement production has remained. It is predominantly used for CEM II and CEM III products. The shortage of this raw material, but also its latent hydraulic properties motivate researchers and producers to optimize its reaction kinetics. An approach to this is the grinding of...

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