Combining existing competences

The new Raw Materials and Chemical Industry ­Employers’ Liability Insurance Association (BG RCI), a union of the former employers’ liability insurance associations of the industrial branches – building materials, rock and associated products, mining, chemical industry, leather industry, papermaking and sugar, has started work with effect from January 1st in 2010. The BG RCI is responsible for 35  000 companies in the individual branches with approximately 1.3 million insurants. With this merger the part­ner insurance associations com­bine their competences as regards industrial safety and health protection at the workplace. The goal of the BG RCI is to play a leading role as regards prevention and rehabilitation, to ensure the long-term stability of contributions and to achieve an even higher level of services. Thus, the new accident insurer contributes to the stability within the legal accident insurance and is well prepared for future tasks.


The BG RCI has its headquarters in Heidelberg. The former central administration offices in Bochum, Heidelberg, Mainz and Langenhagen have become centres of competence that will take over the decentralized tasks of the central administration. Seven area directorates with affiliated regional offices will ensure the nationwide provision of support and service to the member companies and insurants. The management of the BG RCI (Fig.) consists of Thomas Köhler (spokesman), Theodor Bülhoff and Ulrich Meesmann. Thomas Köhler, so far general manager of the Chemistry Employers’ Liability Insurance Association, is responsible for the departments self-administration, human resources, organization and information management, direction and controlling as well as rehabilitation and services. The former general manager of the Mines and Quarries Employers’ Liability Insurance Association, Theodor Bülhoff, is responsible for the departments information technology, intradepartmental services, auditing, finances and institutes. Ulrich Meesmann, so far manager of the Leather Industry, Papermaking and Sugar Employers’ Liability Insurance Association, has become the head of the departments prevention, public relations, memberships and contributions as well as recourse.


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