A correlation between the combustion of fuels and the design of calciners

Summary: The combustion characteristics of the fuel used in the calciners in the cement industry mainly include the ignition and burn-out characteristics. Combining the research of fuel combustion characteristics and the computational simulation of different calciners by computational fluid dynamic (CFD), it is concluded that the combustion characteristics should be taken into account in the calciner design. A calciner with a high temperature area is necessary for the hard-combustible fuel, while a relatively simpler calciner can be employed for normal fuels, for its small volume favors the reduction of the equipment weight and the investment. For this reason, different types of calciners have been designed for fuel with different combustion characteristics, which have been proved effective in the cement industry.

1 Introduction

The calciner is the one of the core equipments of the precalcining system [1], which directly impacts the capacity and heat consumption of the burning system. A study on the fuel combustion is a good guide to the calciner design. To improve the calciner design, more research work is necessary, particularly concerning the correlation of the combustion characteristics of fuel and performance of calciners of various structure.


In the present work, a coal combustion experiment was performed in a thermobalance. Experimental study and CFD stimulation were carried out to study the...

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