New pre-cleaner achieves higher blade life

The new, high-quality cleaning blade for use on vulcanized conveyor belts from Martin Engineering USA ­features a special polyurethane blend and tungsten carbide tip to achieve a service life 2–3 times longer than conventional urethane blades (Fig.). Designed to provide excellent cleaning per­formance immediately, avoiding any break-in period, the QCTM #1 MT Pre-Cleaner from Martin Engineering maintains consistent tension without frequent adjustment, requiring re-tensioning just twice a year in most applications. The new pre-cleaner was developed specifically for vulcanized belts with no mechanical splices, and can be used at belt speeds of up to 900 feet per minute (4.6 m/s). Customers will find a familiar mounting design on the new product, with the same mounting dimensions and tensioning pressures as the company’s popular QCTM #1 MT Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner. Utilizing both spring and twist tensioners, the QCTM #1 MT fits both 1- and 3-piece mainframes.

Martin Engineering USA, Neponset, IL 61345 (USA), Tel: +1 (309) 852-2384,

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