Cost reduction by MRO management

Continuous performance optimization and efficient cost reduction play an important role in companies in the cement industry. Specific competition advantages are at stake. The optimization of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) is the key here. Recently Brammer proved this in a large cement factory: Due to the use of alternative bearings in a clinker crusher the customer saves about 360000 € per year so far incurred for costs caused by loss of production. The clinker crusher of the plant had been equipped with fixed bearings. Every six months these bearings had to be replaced, which resulted in enormous costs due to loss of production. Erwin Iselin from the Freiburg-based Brammer agency explained: “Our specialists analysed the problem in close cooperation with the customer. They recommended the use of split roller bearings from a premium manufacturer, which do not have to be replaced so often. Furthermore, they are more easily accessible and enable a more comprehensive preventive maintenance. ­Experience shows that the bearings do not have to be replaced for years. This also seems to be so in this particular case as no problems have occurred since the installation of the bearings.” 

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