Continuous monitoring

With the particulated analyzer/CEM (Fig.) particulate levels down to at least 0.1mg/m3 can be monitored. Particulate CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitor) meets environmental regulations such as US-EPA MACT and other standards such as ASTM D22 for monitoring particulate emissions from ­fabric filter baghouses, cartridge type dust collectors, cyclones and some ESPs (electrostatic precipitators). The company’s non-optical charge induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies are said to ensure reliable measurements in all types of tough environments ­including cement, power plants, steel, carbon black, asphalt plants, incinerators, lead smelters, chemical and pharmaceutical dryers. The system features the latest in DSP technology for advanced signal analysis and automatic self checks to meet required EPA instruments standards. The device is also stated to offer lower level monitoring and higher accuracy than opacity meters with less maintenance and a simpler installation.


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