10th building materials colloquium in Cottbus

The already 10th building materials colloquium took place at the Cottbus Brandenburg Technical University (Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus – BTU) on 8th and 9th March 2011. 150 representatives from companies, authorities and associations informed themselves about topics of the fields “mineral building materials” and “extraction, mining and processing technologies” and about new insights into the “alkali-silica-reaction (ASR)”. Amongst other things, it was shown that a negative result in the mortar bar test not automatically leads to an EIII-S classification. 90 % of the...

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Issue 2010-09

Linking science and practice

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Issue 2009-12

Building materials rheometry

“Rheological measurements on building materials”, 19th colloquium at the Regensburg AdvancedTechnical College from 10th to 11th March 2010

Experts will meet in Regensburg at the Regensburg Advanced Technical College on 10.–11.03.2010 already for the nineteenth time to discuss research results and practical experience as regards the...

Issue 2018-7-8 KR101839251 (B1)

Alkali gypsum and method for producing alkaline gypsum using de-sulfurized slag admixture slagcement and concrete composition comprising the alkali gypsum

(22) 20.12.2016 (43) 26.04.2018 (57) The present invention relates to a method for producing an alkali gypsum for admixture of ordinary cement or slag cement using a desulfurized slag fine powder...

Issue 2016-12 WO 2016/139225 A1

Method and plant for denitrifying bypass gases in a multi-stage system of mixing chambers in a plant for producing cement clinker

(22) 02.03.2016 (43) 09.09.2016 (57) The invention relates to a method and to a corresponding plant for denitrifying bypass exhaust gases (9) in a plant for producing cement clinker, wherein the plant...

Issue 2010-12

Focus on sustainable construction technologies

idmmc three, Nuremberg/Germany, (28.–29.03. 2011) For the third time since 2007, drymix mortar experts from all over the world will meet in Nuremberg/Germany for “The ­International Drymix...