EN 459 – the new European standard for building lime

Summary: EN 459, Part 1 was published, and thus introduced as a harmonized part of the overall standard, in the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) in December 2010. The main provisions of this standard are examined and discussed here. The standard now has a new structure, its scope has been expanded, and new products and classifications included. The terms and definitions for lime and its various forms have been redrafted. The classifications of the various types of building lime and the related requirements on their chemical and physical properties are discussed.

1 Introduction

Until 1995, the product “building lime” (Fig. 1) was subject in a number of European countries only to national regulations. National technical rules concerning this product were then superseded by the adoption of ENV 459, Part 1 into national codes and stand­ards. The requirements for building lime continued in Germany to be defined in DIN 1060, which was fully equivalent to ENV 459, Part 1. A further seven years passed until the finalized publication of the European building lime standard, since it was necessary to define the conformity criteria. Once the entire process had...

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