Rotary sample splitter for high-precision ­sample division

The sample splitter HAVER RPT (Fig.) prepares small but representative samples of solids and suspensions and is combined with high-precision measuring instruments. It is used in laboratories for research, development and process monitoring. Rotary sample splitters combine three splitting processes in one device and offer the best sample division that is possible today. The sample is fed to a splitting cone, the shape of which corresponds to quarters and cones. The sample ma­terial is accelerated outwards on the circumferential sur­face of the cone and is split up through guide ducts into max. 30 individual flows. The individual samples are collected in screw cap glass bottles of 250 ml and 500 ml that can be fixed in place easily and safely by means of a quick-acting clamping device. Variable division ratios of up to 3000 division steps per minute are possible due to the rotation and the number of division ducts so that each sample consists of a very large number of individual samples – a feature of exact sample splitting. Thus, the rotary cone sample splitter HAVER RPT achieves a precision of 99.9  %. In this way, it is possible to split even poor-flowing materials, e. g. cement or limestone, with high precision.



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