ZKG celebrates 100 years experience – Voices from the industry

The first edition of Cement – Mitteilungen der Centralstelle zur Förderung der deutschen Portland-Cement-Fabrikanten („Cement - Communications of the Central Council for the Promotion of German Portland Cement Producers“) appeared just one hundred years ago. Our journal has come a long way since then; following a break during the war years, it restarted in 1948 as Zement-Kalk-Gips (Cement-Lime-Gypsum), or ZKG, for short, thanks to its dual-language content and global distribution, subsequently developing into ZKG INTERNATIONAL.

In addition to interesting articles focusing on the progress in cement production, this anniversary number will also take a detailed look at individual developments in plant-engineering.  We asked partners and authors from industry and science to sum up the past, present and future challenges in this industrial sector. The statements are as highly dynamic and versatile as the sector itself: Some of the statements provide a general overview, some are personal, and others refer to the relevance of the ZKG or address the development of the branch or company concerned.

The editorial team would like to thank the authors for their insight into a challenging branch, that has now been accompanied by the ZKG for 100 years, and we wish all our readers interesting and informative reading, providing plenty of possibilities for practical application.

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