Third Klaus-Dyckerhoff Prize awarded

The Klaus-Dyckerhoff Prize has been awarded at the Technical and Scientific Conference of the Cement Industry, organised by the German Cement Works Association (VDZ) in Düsseldorf, to Dipl.-Ing. Karl von Wedel for outstanding achievements in the field of cement production. Karl von Wedel, founder of the Ingenieurbüro Kühlerbau Neustadt (IKN) engineering consultancy, received this high accolade for his life‘s work. The laudatory speakers emphatically praised his achievements in the development of clinker coolers for the cement industry, noting that he had, with his innovations, made significant contributions to the enhancement of energy-efficiency in clinker production and thus initiated in exemplary fashion combined economic and ecological benefits for the industry. The Klaus-Dyckerhoff Prize carries a cash value of 30,000 € and has been awarded biennially since 2007 by the Dyckerhoff Foundation within the „Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft“ association of sponsors of science in Germany in order to recognise outstanding research work and career achievements, including contributions to the development of production processes for hydraulic binders.


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