Energy will remain a vital topic throughout 2012 and beyond. In production, work is proceeding at full speed on economising on energy in the form of fuels (thermal) and in drive systems (electrical). A number of plants have already succeeded in raising the substitution rate for fuels significantly: Target 100 %. Alternative fuels are becoming more attractive all over the world, especially in view of the rising prices for traditional, in many cases fossil, fuels. Technically mature solutions are now waiting for global implementation. Efficient burners for alternative fuels and suitable for continuous operation are now a reality, for example, but the corresponding fuels are in many cases available only in inadequate quantities and/or qualities – if at all. In this issue, we present a range of articles highlighting these topics. An overview provides information on the current status of combustion ­technology. How to operate a furnace with model predictive control, using secondary fuels, among others, following model-based pro­cess optimisation, is also demonstrated in another article. Modern plant technology can take over certain tasks, and shorten reaction times. Energy-efficiency and competitiveness are also the focus of an article on system moderni­sation achieved by replacing a satellite cooler with a modern grate cooler. This article shows how a system can be modernised and simultaneously prepared for waste-heat recovery and utilisation. Finally, the update of our special feature on fans at tells our readers how up-to-date plant technology generates savings. The underlying principle is unmistakable: the optimum saving is the energy that is not consumed!


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Issue 2021-4 WO 2021/068497 A1

Grate cooler working state monitoring method based on image recognition

(22) 07.05.2020 (43) 15.04.2021 (57) A grate cooler working state monitoring method based on image recognition, comprising: a hardware adjustment step (S1); a camera calibration step (S2); an image...

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Grate plate for a grate cooler

(22) 02.06.2015 (43) 10.12.2015 (57) The invention relates to a grate plate (1) for use in a bulk material cooler for hot bulk material (3), such as for example hot cement clinker, having a working...


Cooler order for Askari Cement

The Chinese design institute NCDRI awarded a contract to Claudius Peters for the delivery of two cooler conversions. The final customer, Askari Cement in Pakistan, converts two grate coolers to modern...

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Clinker inlet distribution of a cement clinker cooler

(22) 30.06.2016 (43) 12.01.2017 (57) A clinker inlet distribution grate for feeding a conveyor grate with clinker previously discharged from a kiln onto the clinker inlet distribution grate wherein...

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System for co-processing household solid waste in cement kiln and method thereof

(22) 06.11.2015 (43) 21.07.2016 (57) A system for co-processing household solid waste in a cement kiln and method thereof, the system comprising a drying device (2), a waste storage container (6), a...