Planning the future together

165 participants from 18 countries attended the KHD Humboldt Wedag meeting at the Möwenpick Hotel in ­Istanbul to acquire information about modern plant technology and the latest concepts on the fields of “use of alternative fuels” and “increasing energy efficiency” (Fig. 1).

The event was based on a cross-generational concept. The span of time between the youngest attendee, Uras Atakay (13 months) (Fig. 2), and the oldest atten­dee Sükrü Topsakal (Fig. 3), born in 1918, was an amazing 93 years.

In keeping with the motto of the event “Let’s plan the future”, the three-day meeting dealt with subjects that are currently being intensively discussed in the cement industry. The participants became engrossed in interesting presentations on the topics of energy efficiency, cost reduction possibilities, the application of “clean” technologies and the use of alternative fuels (Fig. 4). Ideas for technical training and future-oriented service concepts were also presented. The range of lectures was embedded in an attractive programme of supplementary events, so that the attendees had ample opportunity to reflect upon what they had heard, and to participate in discussions.

The participants were welcomed on 23.04.2012 by Volker Hellberg, Sales Manager of EMENA and Subsidiary Manager in Turkey. KHD has already been present in Turkey for more than five decades and officially opened its branch office in Istanbul during this customers’ meeting. Ralf Slomski, General Manager of KHD and Manager of CSC EMEA, spoke about the development of KHD in the past, today and in the future. He also presented an overview of the company’s product and service portfolio. The participants were also introduced to AVIC – KHD’s new and important partner for the processing of EPC projects. By means of this and other strategic partnerships, KHD is expanding its product and service portfolio in rapidly growing international markets.

Subsequently, the programme of presentations covered successful case studies, regional reports and technological topics, including the COMFLEX® system and SIMULEX®, the KHD training programme for optimized plant operation (see Table).

At the end of the event all the participants agreed that it had been a most successful meeting. The interesting programme of technological subjects, framed in a supporting programme with plenty of local colour had provided a great deal of valuable information and stimulating discussions, as well as unforgettable moments in the beautiful and international city of Istanbul. They highly praised the first-class selection of lecture topics, the professional organization and the hospitable atmosphere.

The success of this event has prompted KHD to consider holding similar meetings in other regions.

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