Internationally leading internal logistics manufacturer

For Beumer acting in the fields of hand­ling and loading equipment systems, ZKG International has been a highly competent and much valued partner for decades. I myself have also been an enthusiastic reader for many years, and not only because ZKG International has always provided comprehensive information on developments in the binder industry and its subsupplier sectors, but also because quality journalism, consistency and sustainability are what count here, and not just the pursuit of the latest apparent trends. This is a technical journal with real substance! And since, in the “information sector” just as much as for us, the clientele, or rather, the readership, is becoming ever more international, I consider it only logical and rational that ZKG International lives up to its name, appearing entirely in English from now on.

Reliability, thoroughness and innovation are attributes common to both the Beumer Group and ZKG International. So all I need to say is: Good luck, all success, and - here’s to continued good co-operation in the future.