Advanced thermal combustion monitoring

HGH Infrared Systems, based in Paris/ France, and with sales and technical offices in the US, India, Singapore and China, has released an improved generation of thermal scanning equipment. The new Pyroscan is a Gigabit Ethernet pyrometric camera (Fig. 1, 2) for monitoring the inside of rotary kilns and clinker coolers (Fig. 3). This camera enables the detection of any changes on the combustion and the visualization of clinker fall. The operator can instantly see impacts of burner adjustments, variation in raw meal composition or use of alternative fuel. He can also identify process problems, such as clinker avalanche or red rivers formation. Each pixel of the image can be selected by the operator on the video image to measure temperatures, to follow their variations and to check changes in flame shape (flame length/width and black root length).

The device is connected to a computer by a Gigabit Ethernet link associated with specific software displaying a high resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal image of the burning zone (visualization and temperature measurements inside the kiln). The Pyroscan is a robust and reliable tool, designed to withstand the extreme environments associated with the high burning temperatures within rotary kilns, at up to 1500 degrees Celsius and through very dusty conditions. With the ever-changing challenges in the cement industry –the use of alternate fuels, monitoring raw material quality and finding ways to conserve energy-temperature monitoring is a critical aspect to ensure kiln lifetime, control combustion conditions and prevent process issues such as clinker avalanches and red rivers at cooler input. Visible cameras are not capable of addressing these challenges. Pyroscan comes fully supplied with the state of the art newly updated pyrometric camera, easy to use Windows software and plant installation and support. Available options also include alarm outputs and OPC client which allows for an easy integration with existing software in the control room. The advantages of the new Pyroscan are described by the manufacturer as follows:

High quality images with much more detail in both the dark and bright
areas thanks to the full High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal images

Reliable temperature reading (minimized effect of dusty atmosphere)

Visualization and temperature measurements of the clinker area

Flame shape monitoring with user-defined analysis lines

Monitoring of avalanches/red rivers inside the grate cooler

Unlimited number of user-defined measurements points

Historical database (video and temperature measurements)

Comprehensive tool for burner adjust­ment, particularly for firing alternative fuels

Video streaming over IP



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