After-sales service without delay

Vecoplan AG offers shredding, screening, dosing and conveying solutions for a vast range of materials, including plastics, used wood, scrap wood, files and data storage media. The high-quality output can then be recycled. Vecoplan designs its machinery and systems for continuous operation. However, parts can wear out, machines can fail and must be modernised. Vecoplan’s service ensures that its systems stay up and running throughout their working life. In addition to replacement parts and maintenance packages tailored to each customer, the company offers an Industry 4.0 service tool.

What is the key to a good manufacturer-customer relationship? “There’s a clear answer: trust,” says Markus Claudy, Head of the Service/Parts division at Vecoplan. The company produces and sells machinery for shredding, conveying and processing primary and secondary raw materials in production and recycling. The materials include engineering plastics that are solid, tough or highly temperature resistant, pre-shredded biomass that must be homogeneous and free of extraneous material after processing, and waste materials from communal landfill sites for use as alternative fuels in the cement...

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