Alternative fuels: dosing to optimize

Belt weigh feeders for alternative fuels serve in the continuous feeding of cement kilns and combustion boilers with alternative fuels. Such weighers must satisfy particularly demanding requirements, because alternative fuels are often received in an unpurified state and therefore still likely to be sticky, difficult to handle and characterized by a broad size range.

Kukla Weighing Technology – reliable metering for reliable production

In order to enable full command over these material properties, Kukla Weighing Technology has developed its own, proprietary, cam-controlled discharger for loading the belt homogeneously. “Our weigh feeders are mounted on solid steel frames to ensure the requisite stability for high-precision metering to within 0.5 – 1.0 % - as required for effective, efficient production,” says Kukla managing director Andreas Leitner.

“In addition, we are currently pushing ahead with a new development in the field of alternative fuels. In cooperation with our industrial partners, we are determining what is needed, elaborating a technical solution and, finally, implementing a new dosing system”, he adds.

Further technical data of the Kukla weigh feeder type E-DBW-H for alternative fuels:

Conveying material: alternative fuels (RDF)

Conveying capacity: 1000 kg/h - 50000 kg/h

Belt speed: dependent on set point and belt load

Belt width: 800 mm - 2400 mm

Bulk density: 50 kg/m³ - 1000 kg/m³

Granulation: fine-grained to coarse-grained

Conveyor belt inclination: between horizontal and max. 8 degrees ascent/descent

Adjustment range: 1:10 (upgradeable to 1:50 with feedback encoder)

Atex: versions available

On customer’s request, a fully automatic trough bottom cleaning device is also available. Each Kukla-built standard scale is provided with a test-weight device that permits quick and easy weighing accuracy checks within just a few minutes’ time. An integrated, weight-loaded belt steering and tensioning device ensures high accuracy and high reliability. Furthermore in order to ensure high accuracy Kukla also delivers the control of the equipment, i.e. dosing an weighing electronics including all control components (frequency converter, power parts, etc.). The needed components are installed in a control cabinet completely wired and tested before delivery to guarantee that the control cabinet is ready for correct operation on site.



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