ES2812673 (A1)

Biomass boiler integration system in cement clinker
manufacturing processes

(22) 26.12.2018

(43) 17.03.2021

(57) It involves integrating the gas streams of an electric power generation plant in a different way, using a biomass boiler, with the gas streams of the facilities of a cement clinker manufacturing plant, to take advantage of all the synergies possible between the two types of facilities, in such a way that the investment cost is minimized by being able to take advantage of facilities common to both processes, mainly related to the purification of combustion gases, and the performance of the electrical power generation facility is increased. The arrangement of the integration is such that it allows, on occasions, the independent operation of both processes, although without the increase in the efficiency of the electric power generation. On the one hand, a lower investment cost is obtained, and on the other hand a lower operating cost. (Machine-translation by Google Translate, not legally binding)

(71) Cogcem Proyectos S.L. (ES)


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