EP3352917 (A1)

Cement grinding media sorter and operating method thereof

(22) 23.09.2016

(43) 01.08.2018

(57) Summary of the corresponding patent WO2017051377 (A1): A cement grinding media sorter and its operating method, wherein the grinding media are alloy steel balls. The operating method comprises loading the grinding media; separating the scrap and dust; separating non-spherical or asymmetrical elements; separating the grinding media whether above or below a predetermined size threshold; sorting both the larger and smaller-size grinding media by size ranges. The sorter comprises: a cylindrical surface (6, 7) that rotates on its longitudinal axis and is opened at its two circular faces; the inlet (84) for the grinding media and the outlet (85) for the grinding media; a motor, coupled to the cylindrical surface (6, 7) for its rotational movement; the cylindrical surface (6, 7) has consecutive cylindrical segments (a-d), and each segment (a-d) has a plurality of apertures (81), wherein the apertures (81) of each segment are larger than the largest aperture (81) of the previous segment along the inlet-outlet direction.

(71) Manvia – Manutenção e Exploração de Instalações e Construção S.A. (PT)


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