US 2019/0054655 A1

Cement sintering device and cement sintering method

(22) 24.05.2018

(43) 21.02.2019

(57) The present disclosure provides a cement sintering device and a cement sintering method. The cement sintering device comprises an emitting module configured to emit laser to an irradiation area corresponding to the emitting module; a moving module configured to control the irradiation area of the emitting module to move so that the irradiation area covers a cement to be sintered and is moved along an extension direction of the cement; a detecting module configured to detect structural information about the cement covered by the irradiation area; and a control module configured to adjust operation parameters of the emitting module for emitting the laser based on the structural information. Based on the solution of the present disclosure, it is possible to achieve the effect of more accurately sintering.

(71) Technology Group Co., Ltd., Beijing (CN); Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia (CN)

(73) Technology Group Co., Ltd., Beijing (CN); Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia (CN)


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