Competence in processing difficult materials

Preparation and dosing of sticky, wet and abrasive bulk materials is a significant challenge for the production of cement and for the processing of gypsum, as stickiness and bridging hinder the process. The need for continuous throughput makes this a special challenge to resolve. Increasing safety regulations and the pressure to continually reduce operational costs are only two of the additional requirements that we can address.

The Germany-based Händle GmbH from Mühlacker/­Badenia and its US-American parent company J.C.Steele & Sons Inc. belong to the worldwide leaders in delivery of machines and plant solutions for preparation, dosing and forming of wet, sticky and abrasive bulk materials. This competence within the group of companies comes from its 140 years of experience and installations in about 100 countries. This experience is also available for the cement producing processes, for example, preparation and batching of filter cake or the feeding of other additives.

The specially designed circular discharge feeder is perfect for wet, sticky and abrasive bulk materials. This machine with its very small footprint can also handle heavy and compact materials.

For bulk materials processing and handling – for example synthetic gypsum (FGD) for plasterboard production – ­Händle and Steele offer an excellent solution with its multi bucket chain excavator (Figure). Coming in a variety of lengths and bucket sizes, this highly technical and fully automated process allows reliable discharge and continuous feeding of wet, sticky and abrasive bulk materials of any quantity.

Also with its most versatile box feeders and even-feeders, which offer a reliable solution to both dose and crush materials, the Badenians offer remarkable feeding solutions for handling of the difficult bulk materials for the cement and gypsum industry.


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