Complete solution for bypass dust treatment

A TEC is an innovative leading technology provider for the cement industry. In recent years, A TEC has engaged in technologies for the use of alternative fuels, chlorine bypasses and the re-use and recycling of bypass dust in cooperation with Holcim.

Ferro Duo GmbH is a medium-sized international raw material company based in Duisburg/Germany. In recent years, Ferro Duo has specialised on the recovery and processing of cement and steel industry dusts. In this area, Ferro Duo has developed a patented process for treatment and recycling of bypass dust.

With the combined experience of A TEC in collaboration with Holcim’s factory Rohožník (Slovakia) as well as Ferro Duo, A TEC is now capable offering a technically supreme investment solution for recovery of bypass dust in the cement industry for various conditions.

Ferro Duo as a partner with vast experience in the recycling of waste dust is an ideal partner for the construction and operation of such facilities and for the treatment of dusts and products formed from them.

Together the companies can offer an individual and optimal solution from plant operation to product recovery – clients will benefit from the most technologically and economically advanced system in the area of bypass dust treatment.;


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