Consistent high quality …

… and adherence to specified standards are the alpha and omega of every technological production process. They are made possible only by means of continuous checking and testing of the product. Specifically tailored analytical procedures exist for every process operation. This topic is also of never-ceasing importance to ZKG, for which reason this journal also covers analyses, in addition to its recurring focuses of process engineering, feed materials, fuels and binders. This issue of ZKG thus contains not only an examination of the fundamental principles of quality assurance and process control in modern cement plants, but also an NMR‑based study into the absorption of guest ions in Portland cement and the characterisation and technical properties of high-performance CSA clinker. This edition‘s content is rounded off by a market survey on the current status and outlook for the cement industry in Indonesia, an examination of new principles for the generation of heat for the industry‘s thermal drying processes, a report on the largest cement plant operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and an interview highlighting the strategies pursued at a company in the UAE.
We are confident that the topics we have included in this issue will hold your interest, so: Stay with us!

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Loss circulation compositions (LCM) having Portland cement clinker

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