Creating the smart cement plant of the future

Titan is creating the smart cement plant of the future with a multitude of cutting-edge solutions leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the context of the Group’s digital transformation journey, including the rollout of its fully autonomous, real-time optimizers for the entire cement production line.

Through thousands of sensors, which are integrated in the equipment of the plants, huge volumes of operational data (big data) are transmitted, recorded, organized, studied and utilized for the real-time optimization of production. This brings significant benefits such as the minimization of energy consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions, and productivity improvements of up to 10%.

These digital solutions have been developed leveraging Titan’s big data infrastructure, a unique experimentation approach in developing predictive solutions based on AI algorithms customized to the characteristics of the cement production process, and a fast rollout approach underpinned by the complementary expertise of manufacturing domain experts, data scientists, data engineers and integrators.

Initially launched at Pennsuco cement plant in the USA starting in late 2017 with a revolutionary prototype, one of the first AI systems to be used in cement production, it underscored the Group’s position as one of the leaders in the design and implementation of digital technologies in cement manufacturing. The fully autonomous, real-time optimizer solutions are now being rolled out across Titan’s plants in the USA, Greece, Brazil and Southeastern Europe.

Recognizing the significant opportunities and benefits that advanced digital technologies can bring to industrial production, Titan will take further steps to enhance its competitiveness through digital transformation, increasing its operational efficiency in manufacturing and in its supply chain, and elevating the experience of its customers.



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