WO 2020/240102 A1

Cyclone preheater vortex detector for the cement industry, based on sintered silicon carbide

(22) 29.05.2020

(43) 03.12.2020

(57) Vortex detector (112) for a cyclonic separator (100), comprising a plurality of rings (118) stacked one on another and secured to one another; each ring (118) comprising a plurality of nesting elements (116) which are aligned on a given level; the nesting elements (116) of one of the rings (118) being suspended under the force of gravity and each nesting element (116) being connected to another nesting element (116) of another ring (118), and in turn joining the rings (118) to one another so as to form a closed annular assembly; at least one nesting element (116) comprising a sintered silicon carbide material.

(71) Saint-Gobain Centre de Recherches et d’Etudes Europeen, 12 Place de l’Iris, Tour Saint-Gobain, 92400 Courbevoie (FR)


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